I was checking out Rob Sheridan’s blog last week, and was introduced to the harmony procedural drawing web-app by MrDoob. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get something going, and how difficult it is to leave the site once you do. I look forward to more brushes, user-defined algorithms and strings, and a (hopefully) pro version with support / more export options.

stupid cartoon face
stupid cartoon face
hive-looking thingieThing

Bmore Fiber!

Bmore Fiber!

My first idea for Bmore Fiber was to write a long-winded article on why Baltimore is such a perfect fit for Google’s gigabit fiber-optic ISP project. But as the days progressed, I was delighted to see that countless, much more qualified Baltimore citizens were getting involved and making their voices heard, including Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Governor Martin O’Malley.

So instead, here’s a giant 4,200 x 2,700 pixel image showin’ some love for the whole thing.

And remember,

You can download the original size (4200 x 2700) here.

Jeter Jitter

In the swollen bosom of a mid-August New England weekend, I spent some time browsing the clean interface of – the online home of graphic artist / illustrator / photographer Aleks Zelenina. One of the more unexpected things I found was a large, un-formatted page containing a circular, tiled rendition of some images of Derek Jeter, the athlete. Later that evening, I opened Adobe Director and sequenced a bit with these images along to a track I had recently composed, ‘Transfurl’, from ‘The Well-Tempered Sequencer’.

UPDATE: I took the animation down – super old format.
Visit the site of Aleks Zelenina here.