Tone.js: experiment number 1

I had a great time working with the brilliant Tone.js library recently.

Green Hill Zone is a small site where I’ve transcribed part of the iconic soundtrack to the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – one of my favorite collections of work by the composer Masato Nakamura.

There are some other things going on, such as css animation, and a torus tunnel object, using WebGL via three.js.

It’s going to be many years before Web Audio API projects this complex perform well enough to be considered for any other context than enthusiasts, but it’s cool to see the progress made lately.

I look forward to the day where I can confidently release an entire album as an interactive, personalized app, usable from all contemporary devices, in which a web app is the direct medium. Many artists have done this before to varying degrees – myself included – but they’ve been promotional asides or featurettes, and not the primary offering. In other areas of art, primary the visual arts, sites as functional or interactive art works are certainly nothing new – they come in thousands of forms.

Music composition via a web browser is certainly a less immediate concern than most things.

Concurrent synthesis, multitrack playback, and accurate sequencing made possible with Tone.js would’ve been impossible only a few years ago, in any browser.

Sidenote: It’s taking everything in my power not to spend the next few days modeling a Yamaha DX-7 with Tone.js.

The site is a project Justin Sternberg and I began this weekend for a session we’re co-presenting at WordCamp Raleigh 2015, titled Industrial Strength Debugging.

It’s a topic about which we’re both passionate, and are constantly sharing new tips and tricks. Over the years, we’ve both compiled and shared our debugging methods – we compile and summarize these methods here, with explanation along the way.

The site.


LCARS is an operating system from Star Trek, designed by Michael Okuda.

LCAR_S (now featured on this site)*, is a WordPress theme containing the following attributes:

*Update: As I interacted with the site as it had the LCAR_S theme active, I realized that the LCARS design is a terrible UI for a site. I’m presently re-working the theme with a more relaxed approach to conforming to UI guidelines for LCARS. Essentially, building the skeleton using general site UI fundamentals – THEN adding in minimal LCARS stuff on top. The first iteration strictly adhered to the designs by Michael Okuda, and it made this site almost unusable.

WP Doge

I’d like to start off 2014 by dishonoring my family and the WordPress community by releasing WP Doge!

This small, procedural plugin will change the world of WordPress plugin development. How?

By showing post categories or tags anywhere you place the plugin shortcode:

Check it out! Use it on large commerce sites! Deploy it to multisite networks! Do it!

Download on

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Buzzword Generator Shortcode

That’s right. Another shortcode. Some time ago, I made a marketing website generator.

Now you can add randomly-generated marketing phrases in a WordPress plugin! That’s right! In 70 lines of PHP, this plugin will take your website from slag heap to A1 Internet Web Blog Plus Pro*!


  • incubate viral vortals
  • aggregate front-end models
  • utilize impactful deliverables
  • harness proactive applications
  • optimize ubiquitous convergence


Marketing website generator


WP Shortcode: The More You Know info box

If you haven’t heard of it, ‘The More You Know’ is a public service campaign on television that educates viewers on a variety of topics. From their website:

For more than two decades, NBCUniversal’s Emmy award-winning The More You Know public service campaign has been providing compelling and easy-to-use information that inspires and supports individuals to take action and create change in their lives and communities. This multi-platform campaign, through its public service announcements, digital content, programming and community outreach efforts, focuses on some of the country’s most important social issues including: diversity, education, health and the environment.

Download the TMYN plugin

Here’s the output:

Did you know that the 'The More You Know' website uses WordPress as a CMS? It's true!

Simple Static Social Sharing

This is a fork of the plugin ‘Simple Social Sharing’ by @norcross and Mandeep Singh

The original plugin is located here:

This version adds some front-end stuff, like icons and a bit of css, updated social networks.


  • No javascript
  • No external calls at all, in fact.
  • Light options
  • Icons wiggle and whatnot on :hover
  • No images
  • uses Genericons (

Download/fork on github

Oh – and if you’re looking for an option that includes external scripts so you can show stats, I recommend “Floating Social Bar” by Syed Balkhi. Make sure to check out the plugin description, as its’ major feature is the way it loads external scripts.