Flailing My Internet Flagella

I am busily coding and scripting apps and the UI for ramiabraham.com. What am I coding? What am I not coding? One page is going to be all about what haircuts rich and famous people currently have, with a brilliant cost/benefit sociological analysis between their current and past haircuts, and the global impact that each respective haircut, as well as any and all cumulative haircut changes / additions / alterations / coloration / shampoos will have on the world economy.

The borders on every page of the site will be a vast, un-navigable tapestry of Google ads, woven delicately with vague references to unicorns. Maybe some video of unicorns, if I can get it –  however – a bothersome issue with that is I’ve seen so much fake footage of unicorns over the years that it can be difficult, at times, to discern which videos contain REAL footage of unicorns, such as the 1985 documentary hosted by Tom Cruise, “Legend”.

ramiabraham.com will also have a vastly vast archive. This archive shall be the repository for all human knowledge. It will be a Google searchbox with a unicorn above it. This searchbox will be encircled by improperly-uploaded animated gifs of unicorns. Tastefully, though.

UPDATE (May 2010):

It was this way for a while; like 2 hours.