Professional WordPress design and development. Free.

Submissions for 2015 are concluded. Submissions are closed until January 2016.

Temba, his arms wide.

What’s the catch? You apply with me.

Every year, I work with one – sometimes two – individuals or companies, and provide free design and development services. From concept & code to hosting issues and launch. I go all out, assuming a project budget of $10k USD, and an aimed turnaround of 90 days.

Eligible people will meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • 501c(3) Organization operating primarily in the United States.
  • Not an entity directly involved in any political party, nor does it accept funding from any political parties.
  • A person/company that is an artist or promotes the arts.
  • Any type of activist assisting in programming, mathematics, or science education; particularly to children.
  • Recently discharged/retired law enforcement or military personnel that is starting a business/other interest requiring a site.

The website cannot promote one gender, race, religion, or sexuality over another.

Apply below. Project start-date is September 1st, 2016:

Submissions have concluded for 2016.

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