Mildly-amusing anecdotes about Mondays. Also, we all live in a waking nightmare.

Dear Readers,

As the two three of you know, I haven’t been blogging on my blog at all, which is bad. Anyways, welcome back to my blog. Blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog blog blog.

I enjoy writing, in many forms. For blog posts, it’s far too infrequent. I know myself enough to be aware that I can’t just order myself to write more. It won’t happen.

There has to be some incentive, or goal, or twist. The rules I came up with are:

  1. I will write each post from the perspective of me writing to someone in the future, a post-IOT future, in which many of the predictions of dystopia, economic anarchy, and cyber-feudalism reign.
  2. I will try to keep it short. I have this tendency – in most areas of my life – to turn projects into This Big Thing.Contemporary examples: I create a small tool to automatically update all repos in a dir. Done? Nah, let’s abstract it for general-use, build some options, account for different versions of git, explore porcelain and other plumbing stuff in git way more than I should for the scope of this project…

I’m not going to post daily. Assigning an arbitrary minimum-frequency goal sets me up for failure.

I don’t need another daily emotional blackmail and self-loathing trigger – I already have physical fitness stuff for that.

Is this one of those posts?

Yes it is. The Actual Post starts below:


Working title: “Mildly-amusing anecdotes about Mondays, also we all live in a waking nightmare.”


I love this part of week. Monday mornings.1

The infinite, silent scream of ten million people opening a billion Slack channels 2.

I imagine the hushed politeness of commuters, hazily praying for a journey of solitude, in which no one asks them the time, demands conversation, or makes eye contact 3.

The quiet sorrow and eventual surrender the day after a mass-shooting in The United States 4.

And of course, caffeine! Who doesn’t love a strong jolt of coffee on a Monday morning? Boy howdy! I sure do 5.

Thank you for reading my blog post, good luck out there.

  1. Do you still use the Gregorian calendar? A “week” was seven cycles of the light orb in the sky (you may call it “life giver” or “sol”).

  2. “Slack” was a popular application used for team communication in my time. The primary means of data input is the same as the format I’m using here to communicate with you. I know you likely communicate using more efficient means; something I’d likely term telepathy todaybut humor me here.

  3. So, there was a time when the majority of functions likely given to androids in your time were done by humans. I guess androids are an assumption. Do you have robot sex slaves yet? I am trying to convert something called “Furby” into one.

  4. This is a comment about something bad that happened to us recently. Search your neural-net for “worst shooting gun reform pre-CyberWar USA” The United States of America, my home, may not be around in your time. Do you still have nation-states? We were a super-power, which is a special title you get when you murder and marginalize the poor in favor of cheap consumer goods. 

  5. No one in my life today knows this, but I have trouble relating to most domestic concerns – almost an aversion. I hear phrases like “Golly, it sure is sunny today!” as “Please kill me! Every day is a cycle of shame and numb compliance to a world of endless, horrifying chaos!” These phrases, just as if I were speaking it in person, are an attempt to relate to the variety of two-dimensional interactions so common in our culture today. I’m trying to lighten-up, though.