Rami bought groceries a week ago.

It was a Monday – just after midnight, when he noticed the pathetic state of the residents within the refrigerator.

No. The cabbage and the cauliflower. Not again.

Sweet Buddha Lasagna, what have I done?

What were once waxy spheres of culinary potential, carefully picked from the produce section with enthusiastic flair, had become crumbling, cadaverous orbs of neglect.

Rami swept aside the sharp, staccato thoughts of shame and suicide as he promised himself that this time, things would be different. No cauliflower or cabbage would rot within these walls again. Not while I’m here.

Not on my watch.

Right then. Time for some music.

Bach would be nice.

As he did any time he’d listen to Bach while cooking, Rami quietly congratulated himself for listening to Bach’s Goldberg Variations while cooking – something he enjoyed long before it was popularized by the character Hannibal Lecter.

He judiciously selected a Bach concerto to play with a casual, un-earned arrogance, disrobed the cauliflower and cabbage, and got to work.