Some days, I find the large workstation a necessity. Video, music and audio, as well as front-end development tasks frequently “require” that amount of space to be productive.

There are also days like today, where I realize at once that I’m just using most of the space to “hold” information on things I’ll be doing later. A note-taking app, a syntax editor with a project open that I won’t touch for a few hours. Several chat programs. A too-many-tabs session in Chrome.

I can forget too easily that I have a laptop, and it’s movable.

Yet even with a laptop, the burden of needing to stare at a glowing rectangle to get anything done is with me, slowly turning my eyes into strawberry jelly.

I look forward to e-ink display technology getting better in the coming years. The refresh rate, as well as color range have a long way to go. Presently, I haven’t tried an e-ink display that’s good enough to use for text-input at the speed required for programming. But we’ll get there.


Author: Rami


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