Life management for programmers

Like most friends and colleagues, I have countless books on software engineering, mathematics, design, and other related industry topics. Print books, e-books, bookmarked posts, thousands of gists and snippets – both local and remote.

What I’d love to see, however, is a concise guide that (as far as I know) has not yet been written. A stream-of-consciousness example TOC:

Life Management for Programmers

  • How to have conversations with 2,165 people at once
  • Conferences: No, it’s not ok to hit on people
  • Embrace “No”
  • Let that side project go
  • Don’t let that side project go
  • Staying healthy
  • Working on an open-source project:
    • Communication caveats
    • Don’t be an asshole
    • Seriously, don’t be an asshole
    • You are not always wrong (probably).
    • You are not always right (probably).
  • Firing your first client
  • Firing yourself
  • Working from home: set boundaries
  • Making time to learn

So…someone go write that. Many of the lessons above took well over a decade for me to gradually learn; it’d be great to give newer developers some manner of…handbook. “Hi, welcome. Read this, have some coffee, then you can pull down the master branch.”

Author: Rami


2 thoughts on “Life management for programmers”

  1. You should seriously write this. I could help flesh out the outline and possibly even contribute some chapters on the family/work balance (I have no idea what I’m doing). With your sardonic wit, some humorous illustrations/diagrams, and a kitten on the cover, I think we have a best seller on our hands.

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