WPHierarchy.com: Variations on a Design by Michelle Schulp

Here’s a mini-resource that visualizes the WordPress template hierarchy. There’s been some pretty great talk about it recently; the redux essentially started with the awesome visualization by Chip Bennett in 2011.

This design and layout is by Michelle Schulp at Marktime Media.. I just coded it up, added some icons and stuff, and a header that has absolutely no practical function, but I do like the font.

[button link=”http://wphierarchy.com”]Check it out[/button][button link=”https://github.com/ramiabraham/wphierarchy/issues”]Report an Issue[/button]


I'm using vanilla CSS for this project. While it's fun to go old-school and absolute position divs all night as I did for this particular project, I realize it's inefficient. If you have a similar project, consider using SCSS or LESS.

Author: Rami


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