WP Bloat.com: Let’s end the epidemic of bloated WordPress themes

WP Bloat is a small, snarky – but earnest – look at the current state of WordPress theme marketplaces. While there are many amazing theme marketplaces that focus on responsible theme development, there are countless that do not. I won’t go into much of a rant here, as there’s more info on the site (wpbloat.com), as well as links to articles written by folks far more eloquent than I.

If you’ve ever spent days properly re-building a crappy theme that a client bought, simply so you could properly use core WordPress features with it, or had to scan every shortcode and write a plugin to grandfather the shortcodes into a new theme, this is for you.

This is mostly a morale builder; it doesn't really do anything but point people to some handy resources that they could just as easily find with a search engine. But hey, being on clean-up crew for crappy themes has taken a good percentage of my life away, time I could spend learning, coding, being with family, and so on, so why the hell not.

[button link=”http://wpbloat.com”]Check out WPBloat.com[/button]

Update: WP Daily did a short write-up project as well; which is pretty awesome. Thanks for the kudos, John!

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