This just in! Horrifying nightmares Return in 2013

I am consistently impressed and terrified of the power of the human mind, and the subconscious devices always hard at work thinking of new ways to prevent me from sleeping.

Tonight, I had a very long dream about being a guest in a strangers’ home. They were nice, all through the evening – great talks about Bach during dinner – excellent armchair astronomy conversations over drinks afterward.

There was some exchange during the dream about where I was to stay in town, or where to find a hotel. ‘Nonsense! You can stay in our guest room.’

So be it. And I did. But later on, I woke up in their guest room in the middle of the night, and they were all staring at me at the foot of the bed, whispering to one another. In the dream, I mean.

So I began to desperately send commands to my body to get up and run. Of course! I can’t move. I’m awake, but I have body paralysis, so now I have to watch as they penetrate my body with rape snakes (or whatever, didn’t find out).

Then I woke up. And now it’s 4am on a Tuesday.

Author: Rami


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