The two greatest WordPress plugins that every website NEEDS (not really)

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe Gravity Forms and Yoast SEO, right? Advanced Custom Fields? Possibly Something by the prolific Pippin Williamson? Wrong. Here are the two greatest WordPress plugins ever made, that every internets WordPress online SEO blog needs for reals:

1. Bloaty McShortcode Nightmare: Extra Plus Pro Edition

Comes with over 12,000 shortcodes! Some shortcodes even generate WordPress multisite installations, re-write .htaccess rules, and even add special extra spaces at the end of wp-admin/admin-footer.php!

Shortcode images use only one CSS spritesheet, for enhanced performance. That’s right! Only one 12mb .png.


2. Captain Conflict’s Ultimate SEO Slider 2: Pro Edition

Easily add your favorite images to a custom slider on any page. Comes with over 90,000 javascript and flash animations, so you have infinite possibilities! If you like this plugin, please consider donating! I have placed convenient download links in admin-footer, the dashboard, the plugin header, the admin bar, and the permalinks page. This image slider requires jQuery versions 0.9 through 1.8 for added compatibility. Here’s how we work the magic:

/js/jQuery.0.9.min.js" type="text/javascript">

'; }
add_action('wp_head', 'common_function_name');

On a serious note, here are some very well-written posts on the topics I’m referring to:

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