Marketing Website Generator: Generates a new BS marketing site on every page load

Have you ever wanted to dynamically generate a lame marketing website on every page load? Now you can! Maximize those vortals and get ready to synergize backward overflow, because this tiny site has lots of uh..great features. On every page load, it will generate:

  • A new company name
  • A new product name
  • A new slogan
  • Four new prestigious awards
  • Random year the company was founded (but no earlier than 1901, the year The Googles founded the Internet )
  • A new set of company services
  • Uses no images
  • Varied arrays, to maximize your ROI

[button link=””]Demo[/button] or [button link=””]Download/Fork[/button]

[box]Major props to the old web economy bullshit generator; it’s where I got the idea from.[/box]

Author: Rami


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