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Earlier: A (non-techie) friend vehemently suggested that the “thing” I “do” – WordPress – is a cult. I started arguing things back and forth, citing half-remembered #wcsf stats, etc. However, he did have some good points, none of which are worth getting into here.

My retort, though, stopped the conversation, and I won probably all the experience points.

Conversation inevitably began to include salty phrases like “you’re drinking the Kool-Aid”, to which I replied:

Sure, I may be “drinking the Kool-Aid”, but I’m aware of the ingredients, and every person involved in the Kool-Aid can continually refine the Kool-Aid experience, making it better and better. There is no Mr.Kool-Aid. It is the people’s Kool-Aid.

(Then I patted myself on the back and said something snarky about .NET probably.)

Author: Rami


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