Buzztracker Updates

BuzzTracker Updates!

Buzztracker, the amazing modular software synth / hex tracker and sequencer is finally rising again.
I try to stay regular at, but after many years of very little or no updates to the core code of the software, I began to lose hope, and turned to other programs.


One such program was Aodix, the brainchild of the late, brilliant Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius. This introduced many features that users of Buzztracker had been asking for for years, but due to the loss of the source code, Oskari Tammelin, the creator of Buzz, could not implement any major changes.

It began on December 30, 2000.

From, on that day:

The source-code of Buzz got lost….. It was on 2 harddisks which crashed during a voltage peak…

This all changed on June 2, 2008. Oskari began re-building buzz from old backups, and we have several updates this year.

The last was uploaded to his beta archive at 2pm EST today, and brings many new features. If you’re interested, see for more info.

Author: Rami


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