Hello there

I’m primarily an artist, composer, and coder. You can hire me for code or art-related things.

Everything I’ve written after this sentence is of questionable value to you. It’s mostly half-connected analogies, armchair philosophical observations, bad puns,

A note
This site is a hub for various notes, writings, and projects. It has no primary focus, other than as a primary, canonical source for various interests.

Like many specialized industries, the technology industry has a large percentage of people with curated digital identities. In academia – and fields such as mathematics or the sciences, the digital presence of a person is largely restricted to their formal or published work. This work has strict guidelines, requirements, and other components that must be met in order to be considered valid.

The technology industry certainly has this, yet without any community arbitration or standardization. This allows for creative freedom, at the cost of redundancy or inaccuracies. This is why we have twelve-thousand posts all explaining how to fix the exact same Python library dependency issue. The world of open-source software is an impressionist painting.

The technology industry has another component, though – a high percentage of people have personal sites relating to their career. Most programmers I know have a blog, in which they write about programming topics (or try to, despite their schedule). In other cases, it’s a site dedicated to their freelancing services, or both.

This site, in contrast, will provide no such value to you, aside from sporadic posts relevant to programming.

My life’s efforts, above all else, are given to volunteering, and the creation of art. Both interests take many forms. While I definitely do write about coding/programming/engineering here, it’s not the focus.

That’s definitely enough data about this person; you should stop reading. Or continue below for a more typical static artists’ statement.


Most of my work is an attempt at melding two seemingly separate elements or processes into a third, new element.

I explore this through a variety of mediums, but find I’ve been drawn, since childhood, to music composition.

This frequently manifests in unexpected ways, from an apparent non-sequitur, to new sonic textures that demand intricate percussion sequences to be realized.

The timeline of my life is a continuous stream of discoveries about the common threads that run at the core of all things, both physical and metaphysical.

It began for me in smaller ways. The relationship between gravity and magnetism. The complete adherence of nature to mathematics. The uniform emotional responses of all people to musical tones, phrases, and figures.

This series lead to, in adolescence, that great and deepest awareness:

– Given the observation that all living creatures are predominantly similar organisms to one another regarding fundamental components; these organisms, together, comprise a larger organism, our planet; these planets comprise an even larger organism, our solar system; and so on (ultimately defining the universe as a single organism), then:

– This being the foundation for our existence, what similar axioms, what connections, what beauty can be discovered by using this as a compass when exploring, or searching for answers? This isn’t an idea I’ve discovered; nearly every technical field has an area in which this is the driving concept. Bio-mimicry, for example.

Beyond the grasp of medicine and computation alone, there’s then the emotional component of existence. Species survival and cooperation is implied from this “single-organism” awareness – that all organisms should work together, in all things, aware of their role as part of a greater organism (the universe). Some – many – minds have evolved to this realization. Yet there’s an even greater number that have not – those minds still live in a small, single-organism world, at odds with other organisms, preoccupied by a facade created by subroutines within their brain. These subroutines define a false requirement that your own progress must, by definition, come at the expense of the progress of others.

In complete embrace of all life, through this relativity, I can know myself.

Carl Sagan quote

From this, there’s an infinite number of sets to explore. What I find is an ethereal layer of metadata, of implication, going in all directions.

Today, we’re not a unified planet. Humans have self-organized into an unstable group of rapidly rising and falling nation-states, squabbling over plots of land or natural resources. Through the exploration of unity and relativity between all things, I attempt to get closer to…something. Truth, maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know, I just pulled this out of my ass a second ago.

More than anything, I want you to know that I will always love pizza.

Look. It’s really weird you’re still reading this. If I can be Frank/Frankie/Francis/Francisco, there are better things you should be doing with your time. Are you attempting to generate a behavioral profile of me? That’s cool.

Well, I’ll keep writing, then. Here’s what I’m up to right now ( this page was last updated in November of 2016).

  • Mostly create sound design and music projects, various JavaScript apps and games, websites, and generative music apps.
  • Video art (“VART”) things
  • Help build cool software during the day (and sometimes night).
  • Taking a hiatus from speaking at conferences.

Specifically, I’m really into the things defined below. I’d love to hear from you on any of the topics listed, if they’re your thing as well.

  • Exploring the structure of contemporary musicals.
  • Constructing a variety of custom musical instruments, with a focus on simpler plectrum/dulcimer/percussive varieties. Presently, I’m making my first mbira, to be followed by a koto.
  • Experimenting with various web technologies, primarily Web GL and Web Audio. I really have no words to articulate how excited I am about the latest development to the Web Audio API.
  • Musician, guitarist, various ongoing collaborations.
  • Working on an action-adventure RPG game (eta 2018).
  • Transcribing and orchestrating the score from the Super Nintendo game Earthbound. This one is a big undertaking. It’ll be a few years before I’m anywhere near what I’d like it to be. I send early versions of pieces to a subscriber list as soon as they’re available – drop me a line if you’d like to be added to that list.

Music, composition, and sound design:
Work is published under a variety of record labels, as well as some self-published items. The first label-published works were in 2000 and 2001. More details can be found on the discography page.


Although I’ve stopped speaking at public events for the moment to focus on volunteering efforts and long-term projects (context), I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a wide variety of technology and music conferences. Some of those talks are located here.