Myself and several other musicians and artists are in the process of meticulously archiving Walter Carpenter’s massive body of work. I recall periods of several days at a stretch where Walter and I would conduct field recordings, track, do live-instrumentation, or synth-building – with several hours of recorded material resulting from only one of these sessions. We’ve now (November, 2010) estimated the entire body of work to be approximately 450gb, not including duplicate files, or non-operating applications and sub-routines.

We owe Walter, his family; the entire planet – adequate and thorough attention. As a personal statement, this is not a matter of choice. He was a prolific, talented artist, and the service of archiving his work for catalogs and public consumption is the absolute least that the creative community should provide.

UPDATE (September 2012):

The location for the archive project is

Some of Walter Carpenter’s work can be seen and heard at,, and many other places.