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August 12, 2016

Transitioning from client services to products

I amicably departed from a developer lead position at WebDev Studios, and joined the product team behind products like EDD, and AffiliateWP this past May. I’m new to some of the organizational and interpersonal components of product teams, but more to the point, I was consistently surprised by the differences in how I work. Although …

August 2, 2016

Questionably Useful Anecdote Regarding Woodworking

One of the things I’ve always found comfort in with creating art is the subjectivity of it; for the most part, you can’t be “wrong”, as long as you give it your best effort – whatever it is that you make. My day job (coding) isn’t like that. There’s a large base of fundamentals that …

July 23, 2016



This was an enjoyable aside. Nothing notable on the code side of things. Some fun with video editing. An elaborate fart joke, really. Check it out here.

June 24, 2016


It’s nice to see humility in different places; especially from others for whom I have a great deal of respect or admiration. In this case, the transaction receipt from Drew Neumann, the legendary, immensely popular composer and sound designer.

June 13, 2016

Mildly-amusing anecdotes about Mondays. Also, we all live in a waking nightmare.

Dear Readers, As the two three of you know, I haven’t been blogging on my blog at all, which is bad. Anyways, welcome back to my blog. Blog blog blog, blog blog blog blog blog blog. I enjoy writing, in many forms. For blog posts, it’s far too infrequent. I know myself enough to be aware that I can’t just order …

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